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Press Kit

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Matt Sommerfield

Clean Stand-Up Comedian




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Hi-res videos available upon request!

The Comedy Zone - Woodstock, IL: Matt Sommerfield (April 27, 2023)
Zanies - Rosemont, IL: New Material Showcase (March 08, 2023)
The Comedy Zone - Woodstock, IL: Matt Sommerfield (March 23, 2023)
The Comedy Zone - Woodstock, IL: Matt Sommerfield (January 26, 2023)
Zanies - Chicago, IL: After Hours Showcase (January 21, 2023)
The Comedy Zone - Woodstock, IL: Matt Sommerfield (February 23, 2023)
Matt Sommerfield: Ridiculous (2011 Standup Comedy Special)


A champion of clean, slapstick & physical comedy, Matt performs at several clubs including Zanies (Chicago & Rosemont), The Comedy Vault (Batavia), Eastville Comedy Club (NYC) and more!


Matt's DryBar Comedy Special, "I Love My Job!" is available on the DryBar Comedy+ app!


Matt is a member of the CCA (Christian Comedian Association). He is an alumni of the American Comedy Institute (NYC) where he has trained with renowned comedy teacher & founder Stephen Rosenfield.


Currently Matt is co-host of "Whiskey Bits" a whiskey and comedy podcast. Visit to watch and listen!


He has shared the stage with comics such as Jamie Lissow, Myles Weber, Andy Beningo, Johnny Beehner, Tammy Pescatelli, Simon Taylor, Des Mulrooney, Robert Kelly, Rachel Feinstein & more!

Film Slate Marker


I Love My Job

The UnMiracle

A Shallow Grave

S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat (VG)

Reality Check

The Christmas Rescue

The Janitor’s Closet


Man at Bar / Stand-in (Stephen Baldwin)

Jack White

Vano / Ozersky / 1st Loiterer / Misc. (VO) 


Percy the Penguin (VO)

Featured Extra

Angel Studios

Auslynn Films

Sleeping Cloud Pictures

GSC Game World

InterVarsity Press

Innamation Films LLC

Columbia College Chicago

Theater Lights


New Material Show

After Hours

The Comedy Zone: Woodstock

Rising Stars Stand Up Showcase

Lucy’s Cafe: A Night of Comedy

Rising Stars Stand Up Showcase

Noises Off

GreenRoom Improv

Little Women

Himself (Comedian)

Himself (Comedian)

Himself (Host)

Himself (Comedian)

Himself (Comedian)

Himself (Comedian)

Garry Lejeune/Roger Tramplemain 



Zanies Comedy Club (Rosemont)

Zanies Comedy Club (Chicago)

Woodstock Opera House (IL)

Zanies Comedy Club (Chicago)

Richard Kuranda (Raue Center, IL)

EastVille Comedy Club (NYC)

GreenRoom Theater

GreenRoom Improv (Chicago)

CYT Chicago

Actor Rehearsing on Stage


Stand-Up Comedy

The Meisner Technique

Acting Coach


Comedy Workshop

Advanced Dramatic Acting

Stunts and Combat

Stephen Rosenfield (American Comedy Insititute)

Terry Edwards

Kellee Stall

David Hunter (GreenRoom Theater & Improv) 

Linda Dzialo

David Hunter

Randy Peterkort / Josh Kirk


Hi-res photos available upon request!

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